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My diary as I attempt to photograph as many Brutalist buildings as possible as I work towards the ARPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society

The Brutalist

The Barbican as an orb
  • Date
  • April 19, 2020

The Brutalist Orbs

It makes it kinda tricky to continue with a photographic project on a specific subject when the whole country is in lockdown. As I have only recently started the project I don’t have a lot of backlogged images waiting to be processed either. So a piece in the RPS Digital Imaging Group on Facebook by …

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The BT Tower (Post Office Tower)

The BT Tower

Better known to me as the Post Office Tower…but that probably shows my age. The tower itself isn’t a brutalist structure at all, designed by the architects of the Ministry of Public Building and Works led by G.R. Yeats and built/completed between 1961 and 1964, officially opened by PM Harold Wilson in 1965 this is very much a modernist building. At 177 …

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Control for PS4 and XBox1
  • Date
  • November 28, 2019

Brutalism in video games

Here’s a rather entertaining video about the use of Brutalist architecture in a video game, “Control” for PS4 and XBox1, that was released earlier this year. Whilst there is (as you would expect) discussion of the game itself, there is a good portion of the video that covers the question “What is Brutalism”. If you …

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