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My diary as I attempt to photograph as many Brutalist buildings as possible as I work towards the ARPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society


  • Date
  • February 9, 2021

Goldfinger’s Towers

Following on from his video about Robin Hood Gardens Jago Hazard moves onto Erno Goldfinger’s towers, the first of which is Balfron Tower and to save you having to look any further, here’s the second video where he looks at Trellick Tower: Image of Balfron Tower by Sebastian F

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Control for PS4 and XBox1
  • Date
  • November 28, 2019

Brutalism in video games

Here’s a rather entertaining video about the use of Brutalist architecture in a video game, “Control” for PS4 and XBox1, that was released earlier this year. Whilst there is (as you would expect) discussion of the game itself, there is a good portion of the video that covers the question “What is Brutalism”. If you …

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