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Weston Rise Estate

The Weston Rise Estate

Just up the road from Kings Cross along Pentonville Road you come across this rather impressive Brutalist Estate.

The Weston Rise Estate showing some of the typically Brutalist linkage
The Weston Rise Estate Linkage

Designed by Howell, Killick, Partridge & Amis – for the Greater London Council and built between 1964 and 1967 this estate has 5 blocks containing 147 dwellings (a mixture of maisonettes and flats), linked together by towers which contained lifts, staircases, laundry rooms, drying rooms and refuse chutes.

The Weston Rise Estate showing one of the Towers
The Weston Rise Estate showing one of the Towers

This is quite tricky to photograph for two reasons. Firstly the whole estate is surrounded by a bright blue metal fence and secondly it is well surrounded by trees as well, not that that intereferred when I was there at the begining of January…plenty of twigs, not so many leaves. I was also not blessed with the best of light…a very grey day!

The Weston Rise Estate from Weston Rise
Yes, it’s on quite the hill

A good first look anyway and one worth returning to later in the year.

Another view of a Weston Rise Tower
Another view of a Weston Rise Tower

There’s a lot more information about the estate on the Manchester History site (yeah, I don’t know why either)!

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