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My diary as I attempt to photograph as many Brutalist buildings as possible as I work towards the ARPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society
The Barbican as an orb

The Brutalist Orbs

It makes it kinda tricky to continue with a photographic project on a specific subject when the whole country is in lockdown.

As I have only recently started the project I don’t have a lot of backlogged images waiting to be processed either. So a piece in the RPS Digital Imaging Group on Facebook by Martin Addison caught my eye.

I’ve made mini planets before – this usually entails taking loads of images in a 360º panorama, you then stitch them all together do some magic in Photoshop and bob’s your uncle you get something like this:

Doctor's Pond, Great Dunmow

This is the local pond where I live in Great Dunmow and has nothing to do with Brutalism 😉

Clearly, this would be tricky to do when you don’t have full 360º shots of what you want to take, however, this technique only needs 1 image to create images like these:

Try and guess what Brutalist (and a couple of modernist) buildings these are – they are all in London…some of them are easy – some not so 😉

Come back in a few days and all will be revealed!

If you are interested in trying this technique Martin Addison has produced a rather excellent article showing you how it’s done and with a load more examples by clicking here

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