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My diary as I attempt to photograph as many Brutalist buildings as possible as I work towards the ARPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society
The BT Tower (Post Office Tower)

The BT Tower

Better known to me as the Post Office Tower…but that probably shows my age.

The tower itself isn’t a brutalist structure at all, designed by the architects of the Ministry of Public Building and Works led by G.R. Yeats and built/completed between 1961 and 1964, officially opened by PM Harold Wilson in 1965 this is very much a modernist building. At 177 m (581 ft), it was the tallest building in the UK until the construction of the NatWest Tower in 1980.

So why is it here on this site…well, I liked the (pretty brutalist) base and felt I could just about stretch the definition to include it…plus I like the slightly more unusual shot angle for this.

The tower, built by principal building contractors Peter Lind & Co., is made from 13,000-tonnes of concrete, steel and glass. The foundations are sunk through 53 m of clay, with a concrete raft 27 sq. m, reinforced with six layers of steel cable beneath a reinforced concrete pyramid…so penty of concrete to go at there 😉

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