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My diary as I attempt to photograph as many Brutalist buildings as possible as I work towards the ARPS distinction with the Royal Photographic Society
Hugh Cornwell

Brutalist Music II

I stumbled across some more Brutalist architecture in “pop” music to continue the theme from November (where does the time go?).

We continue to be locked down in the UK so I still can’t get out so content myself with books (more of which later) and music.

So here we have Hugh Cornwell, he was originally the singer and guitarist with the rather splendid Stranglers, but has been plying a solo career since he left them back in 1990 (was it really that long ago?).

Since then he has released 8 solo albums, all of which are very enjoyable (yes, I am a big Stranglers fan and have always followed Hugh Cornwell since he left them).

So this is from his Totem and Taboo album recorded with producer Steve Albini and released in 2013 and the track is called Bad Vibrations. See if you can spot Trellick Tower (clue – it’s towards the end of the video)

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